Menu Tampere ENG

Snacks and starters

Meat Lover’s Tartare (LF, GF upon request) 15 / 28
European-style raw steak tartare served with egg yolk, marinated red onion, parmesan cheese, cocktail gherkins and grain mustard

Escargot House Style (LF, GF upon request) 15 /28
A sizzling pan of escargot in parsley-garlic butter, served with rustic bread. Go all out and add parmesan or Aura blue cheese + €2

Rahola`s Scampi Pot (LF, GF upon request) 15
A mouthwatering pot of scampi with sweet pepper, chili and garlic, served with lime and bread.

Garlic Bread (LF, GF upon request) 6
Roasted archipelago bread with garlic butter served with sweet pepper and tomato dip.

Brewhouse`s Toast Skagen (LF, GF upon request) 13
A classic dish with archipelago bread topped with kitchen`s shrimp Skagen.

Mozzarella Delight  (LF, GF )  11                 
Mozzarella with cherry tomato salad.

Rosendahl`s Fish Soup (LF, GF upon request)  15/25                    
Fish soup from smoked salmon with sour cream. Served with archipelago bread.

Fries (LF, GF) 5
Crispy fries served with remoulade

Bread Basket (LF) 5
House bread with butter

Main courses

A Malty Cod Treat a.k.a. Fish&Chips (LF) 26
One of our all-time favorites! Beer battered and deep-fried fresh cod served with malt vinegar, grilled salted lemon, grandma’s cucumbers, crispy fries, cabbage salad and remoulade.

Verkaranta’s Zander (LF, GF)   36               
A summer dish with fried zander, roasted potatoes and season’s veggies served with hollandaise.

Wiener Schnitzel (LF) 32
Authentic style breaded veal cutlet served with mashed potatoes, grandma’s cucumbers, grilled salted lemon and anchovy-caper butter.

Finlayson`s Peppersteak (LF, GF) 45
A juicy grilled 180-gram beef tenderloin served with baked potatoes, season’s veggies and Jaloviina-black pepper sauce.

Aurasteak at Nekala (LF, GF) 36
A grilled 200-gram beef steak made from Black Angus roast topped with Aura cheese, served with fries, season’s veggies and garlic mayo.

Ratina Ribs (LF, GF) 30
Chili-soy glazed tender pork ribs served with fries, cabbage salad and garlic mayo.

Chicken Sandwich from Kyttälä (LF,GF upon request) 25
Chicken sandwich gratinated with hollandaise and Aura cheese, served with sweet pepper-onion salsa, fresh pineapple and salad.

Vendace and Mash (LF) 25
A classic Finnish dish. Vendace coated with rye flour and pan-fried in butter, served with mashed potatoes, grandma’s cucumbers, remoulade sauce, grilled salted lemon and dill.

Salmon Pasta à la Lamminpää (LF) 25    
Garlic seasoned smoked pasta with shrimps.

Chicken Kaleva (LF, GF) 29
Herb marinated chicken breast with goat cheese served with sweet pepper-onion salsa, roasted potatoes and season`s veggies.                 

Arboretum Garden’s Salad 2.0 (LF, GF)        
Season’s salad, grandma’s cucumbers, red onion compote, cabbage salad, cherry tomatoes and seeds, seasoned with vinaigrette.


– Herb-marinated chicken and fresh pineapple 21
– Smoked salmon and melon 23
– Chili and garlic marinated scampi  23
– Goat cheese with sweet pepper-onion salsa 20

The Brewery’s Burger (LF, GF upon request) 21
160 g burger patty of front-quarter pedigree beef, bacon jam, garlic mayo, lettuce, pickles and vintage cheddar, served with fries and remoulade.
More cheese? Add Aura blue cheese + 2€
Steak served medium unless requested elsehow.

Crispy Chicken Burger (LF, GF upon request) 20
Nacho breaded chicken, spicy chipotle-chili mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomato salsa and red onion compote. Served with fries and chipotle- chili mayo. Add bacon, vintage cheddar or Aura blue cheese + 2€

Veggie Burger (Veg, GF upon request) 19
Roasted sweet pepper, zucchini, eggplant and fried mushrooms and onions with rucola, vegan mayo and tomato salsa. Served with fries and vegan mayo. If not so strict about being vegan, add vintage cheddar or Aura blue cheese + 2€


Chocolate Cake à la Tammela (LF, GF) 11
A melting-hot chocolate cake with cherry jam and rich vanilla ice cream. Baked upon order, so be ready to wait for a while!

Epilä`s Blueberry Pie (LF, GF)  10                   
Blueberry pie served with ice cream and apple cider -syrup.                  

Pannacotta from Pyynikki (LF, GF) 10
Milk chocolate pannacotta and cherry jam served with fresh berries.

Ice Cream (LF, GF) 6
Choose one scoop and dressing!


– Vanilla
– Chocolate
– Raspberry Sorbet
– Mango Sorbet


– Salted caramel
– Cherry jam
– Cider syrup